3 Ways To Keep Kids Safe While They Play

We all want our kids to have fun and adventure in their lives, but we also worry about their safety. Thankfully, we have some tips to make sure your kids stay safe while they get some much needed playtime.

  1. Have The Proper Gear - If your child wants to go out for a bike ride, great! Just make sure they wear a helmet and have a bike appropriate to their size. Since kids grow so quickly, it’s easy to have old stuff around that doesn’t really fit anymore. Make sure the bike and helmet fit your child properly, then they can ride their bikes all day and you won’t have to worry.
  2. Keep First Aid At Hand - Scrapes and bruises are going to happen. It’s all part of being a kid! But make sure you have the proper first aid materials around so you can fix boo-boos fast! The longer the child has to wait for bandages  or antibacterial soap, the greater the chance the cut will get worse. Instead, have a kit full of all sizes of bandages, some gauze, antibacterial serums (hand sanitizer will do!), and any medication your child might need. Then, you’ll be able to patch up your kid and get them playing again in no time.
  3. Keep Their Shoes Tied - This sounds so obvious, but kids find a way to let their laces flop all over the place — no matter how many times you say “Tie Your Shoes.” Double check your child’s shoes before they go out and play, or make your life a lot easier and get these shoelaces that never tie. They look identical to regular laces, but allow your child to slip in and out of their shoes without ever having to tie a knot. It’s a simple solution that’ll solve a lot of bumps and bruises in the long run.