Deco Paint Roller
Deco Paint Roller
Deco Paint Roller
Deco Paint Roller
Deco Paint Roller

Deco Paint Roller

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The Deco Paint Roller is the NEW quick and easy professional paint roller system to get the job done - with no mess, drips or splatter.

Moved to a new house recently? Need a renovation for your house? Wanna do some job by yourself rather than hire someone and pay? This paint kit is perfect for you. Get perfect results from Deco Paint Roller Set that masters both corners and molding!

The special pad design lets you glide along moldings, zip around corners, and paint circles around fixtures.

It makes painting easier than ever before. Deco Paint Roller Set holds up to 5 times more paint than a conventional roller head and the pads works great on any surface, whether textured or smooth.

Plus it features a revolutionary no drip design. It will keep the paint off the floors and on the walls with professional results every time. Deco Paint Roller Set  will save you time since there is no masking or taping needed.

  • Glide along moldings, zip around corners, paint circles around fixtures!
  • Paint an entire room in less than one hour.
  • Get perfect results every time.
  • No more paint prepping, runs or brush strokes.
  • Paint any wall regardless of the degree of texture.
  • Get perfect results from this innovative painting tool that masters both corners and molding.
  • No need for tape to get those perfect lines as you glide around fixtures and curves.
  • Takes the hassle and the mess out of any home painting jobs.
  • The paint pads hold up to 8 times more paint than traditional paint brushes and 5 times more paint than traditional paint rollers.

Forget messy paint rollers, Deco Paint Roller Set is the quicker, easier, more precise way to paint any room fast.

Replacement pads available here.

Package Include:

1 x Paint Tray
2 x Handles (one large and one small)
2 x Sponge Pads (one large and one small)


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