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You deserve a great shower.

A shower that not only brings you an amazing experience everyday, but also keep you away from all the bad substances in your unfiltered water and boosts water flow up to 2 times!

The Future of Shower Heads Is Here!

Introducing The Eco-Smart Shower Head

One more step towards cost-effective and eco-friendly home.

  • Improves Water Pressure
  • Purifies Water
  • Consume less water
  • Enjoy better shower experience

Turn your shower to a home spa in just under 2 minutes. Universal Size G1/2” fits any standard shower which means there is no need to contact a plumber. Suitable for low water pressure pipelines in old-style residences also. Eco-Smart Shower eliminates your daily fatigue. Dull showers will be a thing of the past.

Multi-function design 

3 Modes To Help You Relax under the soothing rainfall setting and wash your stress away! MassageJettingRainfall, from gentle to powerful. The powerful mode gives you a heavy rainfall shower experience; Soft stream make you enjoy a SPA experience at home.


Mineral Stones Filtration 


Anion balls

The negatively-charged ions help soften your skin and remove impurities from water.


Ceramic balls

This filter ingredient has been added to balance the water’s pH levels and try to achieve the values most beneficial to the human skin.

Tourmaline balls

This filter ingredient focuses on your hair and can make it look bright and vivid.

EcoSmart Stop Button 

Convenient for washing long hair, children and pets. Maintains water temperature with no need to use the water valve.
* The "stop button" feature is not compatible with electric showers.