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Prime Hanger
Prime Hanger
Prime Hanger
Prime Hanger
Prime Hanger

Prime Hanger

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This is perfect for every family to have! Organize women, men or kids clothes, the coat closet, seasonal clothing or your entire wardrobe with these sturdy space saver hangers. Group by outfit, colour, or type of clothing!

  • SPACE SAVING - If you have more clothes than closet space then you need these prime hangers. Each hanger can hold up at least 6 garments at the same time. Maximize to save your closet space and keep it clean and orderly.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Our hangers are prime stainless steel they hold up to the weight of your clothes with ease, Compared to the plastic ones, this metal hanger is more durable and more sturdy. Strong bearing strength and won't be easy to be out of shape.
  • NO SHARP EDGES - Our metal edges are smooth different from other space saving hangers which are uncomfortable to hold, with rough edging cutting your hands.
  • EASY TO USE - This hanger can be placed horizontally or vertically, where there are two movable hooks at both ends with rotating flexible. When the two hooks are on the rod, the hanger is horizontal. When one hook is on the rod, the clothes rack is vertical. It is easy to classify and store clothes in the way you like and hang the clothing and remove them. Maximize to save your closet space and keep them tidy and wrinkle free.

  • Package Contains: Pack of 4, Pack of 6 & Pack of 8.
  • Limited quantity remaining
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